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At MBA Conquerors, we advice our clients to never settle for less than what their true value is. We put our skin in the game for you to prove it!

Let's be honest, if you had a chance to save more on the same deal, why won't you invest in yourself?

Scholarship negotiations

It isn't enough!

Your competing offers, new GRE/GMAT, Or Promotions aren't enough to maximize your scholarships!

So what then?

At MBA Conquerors, we put you through a three phase process to ensure you get essential training to make the most of it!

What's different?

Between the standard process and MBA Conquerors strategy, MBA Conquerors strategy has yielded better outcomes for clients in similar capacity.

100%* Success like no other

Over a million dollars each year!

Saving our clients millions of dollars in scholarship with a 100% success in negotiations to those that adopt our approach, MBA Conquerors doesn't want you to settle for less!

Why should you? 

Afterall, you're worth it! 

What are you waiting for?

Negotiation is a time sensitive process, so we have your back, send us an email at- or schedule a call by sending us a WhatsApp message on- +1-832-907-6862

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