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Client Highlights- Parikshit Suman (IIM C)

Story of resilience, values and persistence, SWAP around the world


Work experience range

Passion for technology

Startup Business experience

Association with women empowerment organizations

Strong non-profit work experience


GMAT Score

Over-reprensented background

Technology industry

Strategic application drafting


We keep the analytics confidential as these aid in school selection AND sanity check (one time feedback for applications). Check out our plans here- and get a one time feedback at $299 only!


As we use neurolinguistic programming as a psychological tool to enhance the client's understanding of their own applications, the perspectives gained from are from a holistic standpoint, helping the clients break through the holistic admissions process. Neurolinguistics programming is a way of forward thinking applied to the concepts one learns in looking at a same situations in new light. The forward thinking and positive outlook on goals and personal stories helps produce a strong application.

Parikshit's struggle through a downturn in his life that many would just give up on is a differentiator on his profile. His resilience and persistent efforts to accomplish his goals made him a strong MBA applicant. MBA Conquerors helped Parikshit in the following-

  1. Limitless calls- Upon demand from Parikshit, many calls were arranged to help him refine his understanding of the situations by adopting a reality framework and understanding how to look at the feasibility of his goals. We helped him gain perspective from the admissions team standpoint as what the words may mean to different people from different cultures. As Parikshit applied to schools globally, it was important to develop a CQ (Cultural Quotient) so that we can help him better.

  2. Thinking through the challenges- Hurdles Parikshit faced were a reason why the application had a lot of emotion to it. We helped him understand how that emotion can translate into an effective leadership.

  3. Entrepreneurship with empathy- With a serial entrepreneurial background, Parikshit has led people through a pandemic. We helped him understand his leadership as that of an empathetic leader. Something he can leverage in the future.

With a drive to get into a big brand school and later a company, Parikshit wanted to be recognized for his efforts and chose IIM Calcutta after successful admits into- Washington University in St. Louis (MBA), University of Notre Dame Mendoza School of business (MBA), Carnegie Mellon University (For masters), and National University Singapore. He also interviewed at multiple top business schools across the world.

We wish Parikshit well on his pursuit of the best for his efforts. IIM-C is lucky to have a resilient student, who has chosen their brand of all the options he had with him.

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