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Client Highlights - Beleal Zarrour (Cornell Johnson)

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

SWAP into an Ivy League


Work experience

Investment banking and Venture capital experience

Passion for startup finance

Strong GMAT Score


Typical of the profiles with higher work experience than average, the consolidation becomes an issue. With students coming from finance, the technical jargon comes with a toll- people cannot find you personable.


We keep the analytics confidential as these aid in school selection AND sanity check (one time feedback for applications). Check out our plans here- and get a one time feedback at $299 only!


As we use neurolinguistic programming as a psychological tool to enhance the client's understanding of their own applications, the perspectives gained from are from a holistic standpoint, helping the clients break through the holistic admissions process. Neurolinguistics programming is a way of forward thinking applied to the concepts one learns in looking at a same situations in new light. The forward thinking and positive outlook on goals and personal stories helps produce a strong application.

Beleal's profile was addressed considering the weaknesses in the profile to make it look easy to understand and consolidated in the resume and speech patterns. With unique challenges much like every client has in the MBA Applications, MBA Conquerors helped Beleal gain confidence in his past experiences and his truth became an inspiration for the future MBA applicants.

You only got one life, one set of values and one MBA.

So, #DoItRight, with MBA Conquerors!

Connect with us at- and schedule a free call.

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