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We can even get Michael Scott into STANFORD MBA!

No kidding! We really can! Only if you #DoItRight

Michael Scott from the office portrayed by Steve Carell

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Do you think that Michael Scott can make it into an MBA program?

Yes? No? May be?

But, we at MBA Conquerors can get Michael Scott into an MBA program because we know how to #DoItRight. Skeptics would say, "Hey, Mr. MBA Conqueror, don't be so braggy and over confident!" or "Hey, Mr. MBA Conqueror, didn't you say your service was for the underserved?".

First of, Michael Scott is underserved because if you have seen the office, you would know how his childhood was completely different from most around him. He has abandonment issues, had been surrounded by people who have not supported him in his life and is working with people who would treat in a less inclusive way than he expects- for they have their reasons. Are those just made up reasons? Not quite. At MBA Conquerors, we don't put people in buckets. We allow people to share how their life was unique and how they feel underserved.

So, which school do you think would accept Michael Scott because he is a change maker. He likes to create a place of happiness, goes out of his way to create a culture where people like each other and has the highest sales record in his company with his branch towering over all other branches during a recession.

Yeah you guessed it right- STANFORD UNIVERSITY (yes, we told you in the title).

For all his flaws, in his mind at least, Michael Scott is a change maker. But can he get into Stanford alone? May be! But we can get him in because we know his strengths and know how to #DoItRight with Michael Scott.

What about the Letter of recommendation?

His subordinate went to Yale, his mentee went to Business school, another subordinate went to art school and the branch success speaks for itself. No manager can say that Michael has nothing to do with any of these facts.

Michael is unprofessional? Stanford disagrees. They hire people from diverse backgrounds. Everyone, including Michael, deserves a representation into a top school. He has experience leading sales, has been a great mentor, and has shown strong understanding of his staff.

So, which celebrity do you want us to get into a Business school?

Let us know in the comments.

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