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We can even get Penny in Kellogg MBA from the Big Bang theory

Shocked? Not as much as she is apparently!

How a waitress/actress who has worked in 2 movies can become a part of a program known for marketing and its beautiful modern architecture?

We can do it because we know how to do it right!!

Wait up! Let's see what Kellogg MBA looks for in people- "To educate, equip and inspire leaders who build strong organizations and wisely leverage the power of markets to create lasting value."

How does Penny fit into this equation?

For starters, let's look at her career trajectory.

She starts out in Los Angeles with exposure to the world class physicists, but here's the catch she wants to become an actress. She takes improv lessons and is quick with a come back. A great skill- thinking on one's feet. Her career has been much less rewarding than most but she learnt from her failures, starred in a podcast by a celebrity and better yet, found her way through a group of people who were completely (almost) different from her.

So what makes Penny so special?

A. She leveraged an opportunity with a pharmaceutical company to become a leading sales rep and use her key strength- persuasion- to good use.

B. She supports her friends through tough times and cherishes them to make them feel valued at the same time builds rapport with them to forge lasting relationships.

C. She tries to contribute to what matters most to the people around her by guiding them by asking questions and create a more inclusive environment.

D. She leverages her surroundings and makes the best out of the situation to guide her path and pivot to an alternative.

E. She is head strong and doesn't shy away from facing challenges thanks to her upbringing in Nebraska.

So what?

You can just make stuff up like that?

Not quite! Business schools claim to receive applications from diverse demographics. So, an applicant with 3 way background in - sales, acting and farming (apparently), qualify her for becoming a strong leader at Kellogg MBA. Kellogg is perfectly capable to teach her the Business skills essential to succeed in the MBA Applications.

BUT! There is a little bit of a hiccup there. Kellogg would certainly question her quantitative aptitude to know that she would be able to handle the rigour of the program. There is a secret sauce to deal with that!

Reach out to know more about the secret sauce at MBA Conquerors. You can email us at - to schedule a free consultation.

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