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Client Spotlight- Abhinav Mishra (NYU Stern)

With a stellar list of admits from- ISB, NYU stern and Kellogg School of management interview, Abhinav chose to attend NYU Stern as his first choice school.

How our SWAP model helped Abhinav stand out?

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SWAP Model stands for- Strengths, Weakness, Analytics and Perspectives. At MBA Conquerors, we see the swap model as a absolute holistic measure to gauge candidate profiles and provide essential feedback to maximize the odds by 30%* compared to a regular candidate.

Learning from the client profile-


Strong background in Public policy (MPA) with BS in Physics and Geology. Experience working for the Government of India across cross functional knowledge in Finance, Strategy, project management and cross functional stakeholder management.


We keep the weaknesses as a part of our feedback mechanism and keep the information confidential for our clients.


Strong GMAT & GRE Scores and GPA, higher than ideal work experience, diverse industry background, Strong quantitative aptitude.


We acted as a guiding force for Abhinav to gain perspective on his resume, essays and interviews by providing privileged information that would help Abhinav represent the best version of himself. His unique experience and unique profile, much like every applicant demands lot of introspection and feedback that helped Abhinav stand out in the application process.

Do you want to learn more about what our SWAP model can do for you?

Reach out to us at- to learn more about what we can do for you!

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